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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00 p.m., starts now. >> and we have a developing story. san francisco police say two
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people have been found and gagged in the middle of the street. the victims were found alive but unconscious at 8:30 p.m. we will keep you updated. residents are mourning the death of a neighbor who was the victim of a deadly shooting. the victim was found shot to death outside his home. kron >> reporter: tonight police still suring for -- searching for answers while friends and family are sending out a strong message. holding candles and embracing one another, friends and neighbors gathered to remember their friend who was shot and killed last night. >> beautiful person. >> great personalities. this was a tragedy. >> reporter: police taped up the home this morning.
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according to investigators the 43-year-old shot multiple time in front of his home died from the wounds. tonight neighbors with a message. >> you don't need to be on the streets. >> he was a good person. >> reporter: he was neighbors with williams. he says he was a good man and he doesn't know why anyone would want to hurt him and says the violence has to stop. >> hard to believe the violence here in antioch is really getting real bad. if you have any information about this you are asked to call police. kron 4 news. a 14-year-old boy recovering after being stabbing at christmas in the park last night. three gang members attacked attacked the boy, stabbing him once during the carnival. the boy's injuries were non-
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life threatening. he was treated at local hospital. the suspects ran away. it doesn't appear they knew each other. family still turned out tonight to enjoy christmas in the park. >> i feel sorry for the kids but i don't think this is an unsafe area. >> not right they should get involved in it at all. makes families worry about you. isn't right for anyone. >> witnesses describe the suspects as teens or in their early 20s. >> north bound cal train tracks in san francisco reopened after a car was struck by a train. you are looking at video before 7:00 p.m. tonight. no one was injured when the train struck the car around 5:30 p.m. near mississippi and 16th street. no one was inside the car at
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the time of the accident. the delays were minimal. no word on how the car ended up on the traction. local charity working to help make sure every child has a toy for the holidays are finding themselves low on donations. the group is in need like never before. >> reporter: it is not what she likes to see. empty shelves so close to the holidays. >> the holidays are for kids. >> reporter: she is the chair person for the toy program. they make sure families who are struggling can make sure their kids don't go without a toy on christmas. last year they helped 40,000 families. this year they expect to see a lot more. >> this is just -- >> that was yesterday. [ talking at the same time ] >> we are doing double appointments. >> reporter: with the program
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seeing more families in need and with donations down the shelves are bear. >> this is the first time in the history that i have been here we are out of toys. >> seems like folks are struggling for rent and food and toys aren't their priority. >> reporter: over won is hope -- everyone is hoping people will be ready to help. >> i will make sure everyone gets a toy. >> when you are shopping for your child, throw a basketball in the basket. >> you can go to any fire station in san francisco and donate. >> reporter: kron 4 news. >> cat williams has been arrested. he was arrested friday night on a felony warrant related to a police chase. he was driving a motorcycle and removed to pull over after driving on a sacramento
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sidewalk last month. he led police on a chase where he nearly hit five people and he was released yesterday after posting bail. new tonight at 11:00 josh brent was released from jail after being arrested for killing a teammate. he was traveling at a high rate of speed when he flipped and caught fire. brown was an outside linebacker for the cowboys. he was 25 years old. the cowboys rallied sunday to beat the bangles in the final minutes of the game. clear skies around the bay area on this sunday evening after what has been a nice weekend. clear conditions tonight. most locations. there could be patchy dense fog in the north bay valleys as we get closer to sun rise.
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sunshine tomorrow. a nice day. warm temperatures again. not as warm as today. we are starting out monday, 7:00 a.m., 30s into had coolest valleys, east bay and north bay. 40s bay side. through the mid-day and into the afternoon the sun warms up again. lots of 60s on the map in green. perhaps a few places in the north bay once again getting into the 70s. i will have more in a few minutes. a special emotional day for couples. we meet the newie weds in washington. and then we have -- newly weds in washington. and then we have the latest on joshua on -- john mcafee. and jason has a wrap up of today's games.
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mexican officials confirm that jenni rivera has died in a plane crash. video shows the site of the crash. the plane lost contact with air traffic controllers. jenni rivera was born in long beach and released her debut album in 1999. in october people named her to the list of the 25 most powerful women. john mcafee said sunday that he wants to return to the u.s. he wants to live in the u.s. or england. he a judge has yet to rule on whether he has political asylum. >> police in belize wants to question him. today was the first day at
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same-sex couples in washington state were able to marry. there were 140 people that registers. the mayor is calling it a great and joyous day and seeing a new civil right being recognized. we have your sports coming up but first a gift that is sure to spread holiday cheer. gas prices continue their downward tread and the president and speaker of the house john boehner meet in person to play the fiscal cliff version of let's make a deal. that is all ahead when kron 4 news continues. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets,
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port of oakland employees voted to ratify a contract agreement reached last month. this is video from the strike. the agreement includes a cost of living raise over the next two years and a signing bonus. they have been bargaining since june of 2011. gas prices continue to drop. the average price in the u.s. dropped 10 cents over the past three weeks. in san francisco the average price $3.71. that is down 30 cents from a
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months ago. in oakland 3 dollars 59. san jose see the dollars 57. president obama and speaker of the house john boehner met today to discuss the fiscal cliff. this comes as the head of the international monetary fund said failing to reach a deal would have far reaching effects on the economy. >> reporter: a quick fix is not the answer for resolving the fiscal crisis. a more comprehensive solution is needed. she says any deal must do more than avoid the fiscal cliff to get america's economy growing again. >> there is still the degree of uncertainty that prevents investors from making decisions. >> reporter: but washington's
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top republican leader speaker of the house john boehner explains there has been no progress. >> when it comes to the fiscal cliff that is threatening the economy and the jobs the white house wasted another week. >> reporter: democrats show no signs of backing off from sporting the president on raising the income tax on the rich. >> there has to be two sides to the bargain but we are not going to go back to 2011, put revenues and cuts on the table. >> reporter: but despite the impasse in washington, he sees signs the economy is improving. for the fiscal cliff she represent as balanced solution. spending cuts and a increase in taxes. kron 4 news. we have clear skies out there across the bay area on this sunday evening after a
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spectacular weekend. it was cool on saturday. it was foggy but today just an "a" plus day. sunshine. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. and even right now, san jose and san francisco in the upper 50s. antioch mid-50s. cooler for union city, 49 degrees. tonight clear skies every place but there could be a few patches of dense fog at the ground and to the north bay valleys. best chance is closer to sun rise. we could have limited visibility. rest of the day, lots of sunshine. another mild day. most places get into the 60. look for increasing clouds tuesday from a weather system in the pacific. right now clear skies. and the storm track is into alaska. there sadevelopping storm there -- is a developing storm there.
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it will bring us rain and cooler temperatures wednesday. noon tomorrow, we are clear. clouds off shore and remains that way for monday night and into tuesday morning but by tuesday afternoon mere we go -- here we go, late morning tuesday. noon tuesday. tuesday afternoon and evening. clouds increase and there is the rain tuesday night. it makes it into the north bay, midnight tuesday night going into wednesday morning. quarter to a half inch. temperatures in the morning, 30s north bay. east bay, 40s. highs tomorrow, beautiful monday. highs in the 60s everywhere. tuesday cooler. with increasing clouds. and the chance for rain, heaviest in the morning wednesday. early morning shower thursday and clearing, friday dry.
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next chance for rain on saturday. okay. hello. the 49ers did what they were supposed to do today. beat a average miami dolphins team. one more home game this year, 8 more next year, not including playoffs. colin kaepernick making his fourth straight start. smith two more sacks. he is three shy of the all time nfl record of 22. keep playing the game. the fumble in dolphins territory. two plays later frank gore up the middle. he ties the franchise record with his 50th rushing touchdown. james he looked good in his 49ers debut. 8 carries, 30 hg2z: &yards. during a key 3rd quarter drive. jim harbaugh trickery here. gore to colin kaepernick, the perfect pass. but moss just can't hang on to
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it. wait, it looks like a flag but it is not called. that is number 25. no interference call. later gore again, 19 yards. down at the one. dickson scores on the next play. that caps off a 14 play, 83- yard drive. gore goes over the 1,000-yard park again. great catch for the dolphins. three yard touchdown. 20-13. but jim harbaugh 6-0 all time following a loss. colin kaepernick makes sure of it here. option read. untouch for 50 yards. he had 53 yards rushing. 27-1349ers win. 9-3-1. they are a game and a half up on seattle.
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here is jim harbaugh after the win. >> these games are realee hard -- really hard. miami is a heck of a team. we knew they would be tough to move the football in. offense played winning football. >> tough, tough schedule two weeks in a row, at new england and at seattle. they could be a battle. college hoops. cal hosting unlv. 6-1 coming in. wallace, the backdoor cut. up and under. he missed a free throw. 34-34. wallace had 13. bennett goes baseline for the big dunk. 25-3 for bennett. marshall shoots the airball. thomas is right there. puts it back in with one second
11:23 pm
to go. cal loses 76-75. the bears drop to 6-2. just enough time to bring you big soccer stories. ncaa championship. indiana versus georgetown. the cross and the key. the short goal. indiana wins 1-0. it is their 8th soccer championship and messy makes history, he plays for barcelona. two goals in a 2-1 win. the story is, he has 86 goals for the season. that break as 40-year-old record. he will win his 4th straight soccer player of the year. a let down for the usf dons. they lose to pacific 67-59 and that is it. have a good night everyone.
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two georgia parents are facing charges after they brought their daughter to a fight. they picked up their daughter and another girl. in the video you can hear the father telling everyone not to jump in and he says you know
11:27 pm
where to hit her. police charged the parents. the father is also being charged with battery. rescue in spain when a paraglider got stuck on a power line hundreds of feet above the ground as you can see. dangling there for hours as rescuers worked to set him free. they used a crane and a cable to get him down. at a mall in denver amis toot santa essentially a visit to santa is more especially. parents say being able to communicate with santa make as big impact on the kids. and the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year is always on kron. hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich.
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new year's live. that is jumping too far ahead. >> what is the forecast for new years? partly cloudy skies -- no, i have no idea. >> christmas? that is far ahead. how about tomorrow? >> okay. i will try to do tomorrow. temperatures into the 60s for tomorrow. sunny skies. and i can do save days. -- do 7 days. let's try that. cá thursday early showers and cooler through the week. could be snow in the highest elevations of the bay area. >> that is it for us. have a good night everybody.
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